Graduation Projects

Selected Graduation Projects completed by our undergraduate students are listed below with their posters and videos.


  • David Teksen Aksun, "Video Annotation Propagation Using Active Learning" (First Rank). Video | Poster
  • ​Hasan Kaya, "Using Finite State Transducers for Helping Foreign Language Learning" (Second Rank).Video | Poster
  • Tuğçe Bilen, "Binary Content Tree Based Middleware for Next Generation Context Aware Networks".Video | Poster
  • Muhammed Onur Güngör ve Yusuf Göngör, "Kablosuz Ev Otomasyonu ve Güvenliği". Video | Poster
  • Erkin Kırdan, "A Novel Solution for out of Range Problems in Manets". Poster
  • Şafak Topçu, "Artificial Creatures Learning to Walk with Computational Intelligence". Video | Poster

We would like to thank "Matriks Bilgi Dağıtım Hizmetleri" for their sponsorship to graduation project awards.